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Telecoms network analysis for troubleshooting distributed telecoms network

Real-time telecoms network analysis is essential for complete visibility into network performance, 24x7x365.
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Network performance challenges

Today’s heterogeneous networks are becoming increasingly distributed and complex and require constant upgrade and evolution to meet the demand for ever-more capacity and diversified services. Service providers face many challenges, including:

  • Increasingly complex and distributed networks
  • Obtaining a true, end-to-end view of performance
  • Continual, DevOps-driven upgrade cycles
  • Daily network events and incidents
  • Constantly changing configuration requirements

Identifying network issues

  • Increasing complexity

    5G and virtualisation bring complex, distributed network architectures that need to integrate with existing network technologies.

  • Diverse technology mix

    The mobile network, comprising RAN and core network domains for 2G-5G, is combined with fixed-line services using SIP, SS7 and a growing number of protocols.

  • A continual upgrade cycle

    Virtualised 5G networks require constant network upgrades and evolution with agile delivery to retain competitive advantage and efficient operations.

  • Daily network incidents

    The sheer complexity of networks and the services they provide inevitably leads to daily events and incidents that need to be resolved.

  • Constant configuration changes

    Constant network tuning, in all domains is required to deliver the growing diversity of services, with dynamic activation and continuous delivery models. 

  • Real-time network analysis

    Gain real-time, end-to-end visibility of network performance and discover issues before they impact QoE.

Utel Analytics is Telenor’s tool to protect our customers against Wangiri and scam calls.
Endre Syvertsen, Snr Product Manager, Fraud Solutions, Telenor
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Real-time visibility into network performance

Utel provides a complete, distributed monitoring system that scales from small configurations right up to multi-regional carriers, with an optimised user dashboard to give you the end-to-end view you need. The real-time analysis we offer provides deep insight into network performance and the root causes of any issue, enabling resolution before end-user experience is affected.

Troubleshooting can be performed in real-time, or historically to identify problems proactively or reactively, improving operational capacity and decreasing the operational burden. Utel gives you essential business tools for network testing and validation. Boost customer satisfaction, reduce churn, protect revenue, and maximise new business opportunities.

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Proactive real-time telecoms analysis

Identify the root causes of network errors and performance issues, and take proactive remedial action on a continuous basis. Assure the quality of calls, messaging, mobile data, roaming and other network services.

The Utel solution used by engineers, technicians and business teams provides multiple benefits, including:

  • Comprehensive, centralised end-to-end view
  • Rapid response to support tickets and incident escalations
  • Key insights for improving network performance
  • Proactive, continuous network monitoring to identify issues and prevent incidents
  • Deep packet analysis and protocol decoding
  • End-to-end monitoring of subscribers, protocols, and network traces
  • Enables data-driven decision-making

Solve the challenge of managing complex networks

  • Identify and prevent network issues

    Real-time analysis ensures that network performance issues are identified and resolved proactively.

  • Validate new services

    Assure network performance before the launch of new services or upgrades to existing ones.

  • Retain competitive advantage

    Ensure continual evolution of the network and optimal performance of a diversified services portfolio.

  • Optimise customer QoE

    Deliver outstanding, consistent experience to all users, for all network services – across fixed and mobile.

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