Utel appoints new Senior Machine Learning Engineer leading the way in AI/ML integrations


Utel is excited to announce a significant boost to our team with the appointment of Rune Borge Kalleberg as our new Senior Machine Learning Engineer.

The next wave of analytics will see the harnessing of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) technologies to drive deeper, faster insights. Utel’s solutions are evolving to include new AI/ML-driven capabilities – and these efforts will be led by Rune.

He’s spearheading our drive into the AI/ML arena, discovering new value in the data collected by our customers – and ensuring our solutions evolve to offer new levels of insight.

Rune combines great insights into the mathematics of AI with deep understanding of what makes a great product. It’s safe to say that we all get quite excited whenever he starts looking at a new dataset – and can’t wait to share these advancements with our customers.

A young family keeps Rune occupied out of the office – but he maintains practical skills with his woodworking hobby – and by trying to out-smart the exchange. Watch out for more news on our AI/ML journey soon!