Fraud Management System (FMS)

At Utel, we offer cutting-edge anomaly detection solutions based on AI/ML designed to safeguard your customers and ensure regulatory compliance. Our advanced tools empower telecom operators to detect, prevent, and block fraudulent traffic.


Anomaly Detection Engine Protects Your Customers

The Utel Fraud Detection engine leverages our market-leading Network Monitoring technology to detect and resolve telecoms voice and messaging fraud.

The solution deploys virtual network probes that harvest calling data directly, generating Call Detail Records (CDRs) that provide a complete overview of the voice and messaging traffic across the network to quickly identify suspicious activities and patterns.

The collected data is analysed in real-time, and our exclusive algorithms identify fraudulent traffic profiles. Dynamic alerts and alarms are generated, enabling rapid escalation to the anti-fraud team for urgent investigation. Utel Fraud Detection delivers immediate results and ROI – reducing losses due to fraud, increasing customer satisfaction, and reducing churn.

Key Features

Machine Learning Enhanced

As fraudsters evolve their tactics and new risks emerge, our unsupervised machine learning algorithms allow you to remain protected against new threats.

Trend Visualization

Advanced filtering and analysis not only puts information at your fingertips but delivers clear visualization of fraudulent behaviours to provide clear and immediate insights into threats.

Automated Notifications

When threats are detected, alerts are automatically sent to the anti-fraud teams, enabling fast termination of number ranges across the network and reducing customer fraud.

Location Identification

The solution can identify calls from a single-number series, based on the Calling Line Identity (CLI), so you can identify the operator sending specific traffic into your network.

Enhanced Analysis

By analysing summaries from both the calling and called phone numbers and by looking at an aggregate of all the traffic in the network, the solution can automatically discover threats.

Filter, Sort, and Categorise

Quickly identify fraudulent calls by specific characteristics such as known fraudulent number series or calls that terminate in specific number series.

“Utel’s Fraud Detection solution is Telenor's tool of choice to protect our customers against Wangiri and scam calls.”

Endre Syvertsen, Sr. Product Manager – Fraud Solutions, Telenor Linx

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