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Network monitoring as a service

Cost-effective carrier grade functionality with the advantages of virtual access
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The importance of network monitoring

To achieve efficient and profitable operations, operators must understand network performance across different domains to provide oversight of service delivery. This enables you to:

  • Easily monitor complex, multi-vendor networks
  • Support multiple telecoms core network protocols
  • Leverage a troubleshooting tool that helps pinpoint and resolve problems
  • Seamlessly support Open RAN and other network innovations

On-premises monitoring functionality can involve unwanted capital expenditure and time-consuming deployment requirements. Utel’s monitoring as a service changes this.

Benefits of network monitoring as service

  • Gain network insights

    Cover all relevant network interfaces, delivering the comprehensive view necessary for operational assurance, as well as decoding, analysis, and troubleshooting virtually.

  • Keep pace with standards and industry evolution

    Keep pace with new standards from organisations such as 3GPP, O-RAN Alliance, ITU, ANSI, IETF and more. Let Utel take care of ongoing compliance and network evolution.

  • Increase agility

    A virtual solution deployed, managed, and assured by Utel, leaving you free to analyse and interpret data, and avoid maintaining open source or in-house solutions.

  • Eliminate Capex

    OPEX-only service with no capital expenditure, no hardware investments, and no labour-intensive operational challenges brings carrier grade monitoring to any operator.

  • Multiple generations of technology and services

    Manage the demands of today’s changing mix of network traffic and account for activity in both the legacy network core and signalling backhauled via roaming partners – as a service.

  • Avoid long-term commitments

    Utel’s monitoring as a service solutions come with flexible licensing models to meet your OPEX goals and avoid lock-in. It grows with your requirements, providing an affordable pathway.

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Network monitoring as a service

From a single, rich interface, you can monitor the complete network from the control plane, regardless of network generation. This lets you understand network health, see traffic patterns, automate change and configuration management, and more.

Deployed as a service, Utel plays a critical role in your pursuit of long-term commercial success and facilitates optimal network performance in today’s complex, hybrid network landscape. Future-proof, it covers all networks – future, current and legacy.

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Reap the benefits of SaaS monitoring

Utel’s network monitoring as a service gives you immediate access to a range of insights that can be used to optimise performance. You benefit from data that is searchable, correlated, and easily usable to optimise operations and introduce new services and interfaces.

Utel’s SaaS model covers all relevant network interfaces, delivering the comprehensive view necessary for assurance, as well as decoding, analysis, and troubleshooting virtually. It enables you to:

  • Access powerful network monitoring on a subscription basis
  • Leverage functionality regardless of the status of your own probes
  • Extend your NOC, cost-effectively
  • Future-proof your network evolution
  • Avoid time-consuming and potential costly on-premise deployment

Monitoring as a service delivers critical advantages

  • Unified view

    Monitor, alert, and present performance information across all interfaces, in a unified way. Identify anomalies that impact performance and customer experience – and resolve them.

  • Drive Interventions

    Telecoms networks (involving multiple technologies and vendors) generate large volumes of data. Access a complete picture to know when, and where, interventions are required.

  • Meet customer expectations

    Respond proactively to issues, for instance by avoiding bandwidth and server performance bottlenecks which means delivering better quality of service without delay.

  • Accommodate network evolution

    Enhance the performance of your operations team with the ability to analyse not only immediate issues but also long-term trends, and ensure optimal use of all available assets.

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