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Network evolution depends on insight

Operators can only deliver QoE to drive success by understanding how networks perform.
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Meeting customer expectations

Meeting customer expectations means winning market share. As competing on price alone is no longer sustainable, network experience plays a decisive role in buying decisions and churn behaviour. That means you have to:

  • Obtain a true, end-to-end view of network performance.
  • Manage continual, Dev-Ops driven upgrade cycles.
  • Have a daily awareness of network events and incidents.
  • Address constantly changing configuration requirements.
  • Maintain fault awareness to quickly resolve performance issues and improve QoE.

Identifying and addressing issues

  • Advanced data acquisition

    Collect, mediate, and act on the exploding volume data from a growing range of devices and new driven by better connectivity and faster networks.

  • Manage network interfaces

    The interfaces required for service delivery are proliferating. Cover interfaces to mobile (2G/3G/4G/5G), IoT & TDM Networks, XDR Generation & Storage, and many others.

  • Measure performance against KPIs

    Track network performance against KPIs including signalling volume (for network dimensioning), success rate for operations, network efficiency ratio (NER) and others.

  • Track roaming/interconnection partners

    Monitor performance by each roaming and/or interconnection operator to isolate domains, track performance, view end-to-end activity and delivery.

  • Bypass limited Operational Support Systems

    Generally, OSS just reports on the functional status of each platform. But today you need to understand more such as if calls are terminated or not so that routing issues can be isolated.

  • Handle network complexity

    5G brings new, more complex ad distributed architectures that not only need to integrate with legacy technologies but also require seamless oversight.

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Endre Syvertsen, Snr Product Manager, Fraud Solutions, Telenor
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Network insights required to deliver high QoE

To capture the required network performance insights, operators must identify the right solution from the right partner. Utel has an established record in helping industry leaders to do this by enabling data acquisition from multiple telecom network interfaces that are critical to overseeing performance.

Utel offers continuous monitoring, with the scalability required for any network. Data is collected, related to issues ranging from hardware errors to configuration errors, from bandwidth issues to WAN issues, and many more. Utel also accommodates both legacy and new build network components.

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Access to a comprehensive range of key network performance data

With Utel, you can continuously access the network performance data that impacts customer experience, accommodating network evolution, increasing data volumes, and the proliferation of new devices seamlessly.

This puts you in position to meet expectations, solve problems quickly, and fine-tune network operations to both reduce costs and improve operations. Utel’s solution captures a wide range of performance data:

  • Interfaces to mobile (2G/3G/4G/5G), IoT & TDM Networks
  • RTP Capture for Voice Quality Analysis
  • Real-time Streaming to 3rd-party Solutions
  • XDR Generation & Storage
  • XDR Streaming to 3rd-party Solutions

Understand the performance of network elements and operations and keep your customers coming back for more!

  • Understand network health

    Supports data acquisition from multiple network interfaces and provides continuous monitoring, with the scalability to meet the requirements of any network.

  • Automate network change and configuration

    Easily manage the complexity of new devices, data sources, and faster networks, future-proofed to capture information from all networks – future, current and legacy.

  • Analyse and troubleshoot performance Issues

    Drill-down into signalling flows, measure and manage KPIs, secure insights and ensure effective service management as your networks evolve.

  • Meet Quality of Experience with confidence

    Transform operational data into insights, actions and business benefits allowing you to deliver improved Quality of Experience.

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