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Effective service assurance is a foundational requirement

Network performance is vital to success. Service assurance plays a critical role.
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Safeguarding the customer experience

You must ensure that services meet required quality levels to satisfy customers and optimise their experience. This includes identifying and resolving performance issues quickly and effectively before subscribers are impacted.

  • Meeting pre-defined SLAs
  • Verification of operational performance
  • Monitoring activity in the network core
  • Tracking backhaul and roaming partners
  • Leveraging statistical information in XDRs generated by network activity

Insights required to meet SLAs, and prove it

  • Comprehensive overview

    Understand everything that’s happening in your network regardless of device, mobile generation, or service – end-to-end.

  • Performance issues

    Irrespective of source or service, including fast-growing IoT services and applications, you need to be in position to optimise performance and service delivery.

  • Multiple generations of technology and services

    Manage the demands of today’s changing mix of network traffic and account for activity both in both the legacy network core and signalling backhauled via roaming partners.

  • Measure performance against KPIs

    Assure service performance against KPIs including successful network attaches, missed calls, amount of voice calls, call completions), and volume and success of SMS messages.

  • Operational requirements

    Verify operational performance through objective measurements obtained from the network. Meet any relevant SLA – and prove it.

  • Partner relationships

    Manage not only data sourced from your core network but also from an unlimited number of partners from whom performance data needs to be obtained, filtered, and tagged.

Utel Analytics is Telenor’s tool of choice to protect our customers against Wangiri and scam calls.
Endre Syvertsen, Snr Product Manager, Fraud Solutions, Telenor
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Answer the challenge of service assurance

Utel’s solutions support multiple protocols and interfaces to collect core data required for service assurance. And when new interfaces are added to the network, they can easily extend to support them. You can automatically analyse and tag data conveyed within signalling messages, IP addresses, and Point Codes.

Raw data processed can be used to measure network performance against an array of KPIs and in periods of new activity such as when new roaming partners or new interconnections are onboarded, these can be easily integrated. Plus, you can track performance data obtained from partners, filtered, and tagged by the same mechanisms.

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Reap the benefits of optimised performance

Utel enables you to rapidly access a range of insights that can be used to optimise operational performance. You benefit from access to data that is searchable, correlated, and easily usable to optimise operations and introduce new services and interfaces.

You’ll be in position to identify and resolve any performance issues quickly and effectively, solving problems before subscribers – and SLAs – are impacted. Effective service assurance means your most important operational requirements will be met.

  • Identify silent roamers
  • Enable targeted offers to be launched
  • Discover network attaches and identify associated issues
  • Boost end-user satisfaction by discovering and rectifying network issues
  • Enhance and verify billing accuracy (for partners and customers)

Access the performance statistics needed to ensure complex networks run smoothly

  • Understand network health

    Data acquisition from multiple network interfaces and provides continuous monitoring, with the scalability to meet the requirements of any network.

  • Proven performance verification

    Verify operational performance through objective measurements obtained from the network to ensure that relevant SLAs are met.

  • Manage diverse networks and technologies

    Today’s networks span multiple generations of technology and enable and support a diverse set of devices including IoT. Manage this complexity quickly and efficiently.

  • Access to comprehensive dashboards

    Visualise operational performance statistics in the form of comprehensive reports and dashboards that allow you to better plan and understand network activity.

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