Welcome to Utel, where our journey in telecom AI isn't just about technology—it's about people. Here, students are more than just learners; they're active contributors to our mission. Engage in internships, part-time roles, or thesis projects that are not just tasks, but opportunities to make a real impact. At Utel, your work directly shapes the future of telecom technology.

Empowering Innovation, Empowering You

At Utel, student projects are a cornerstone of our innovative approach. A noteworthy project involved the automation of call record enrichment. Leveraging statistical techniques, one student streamlined this process, achieving greater accuracy and operational efficiency. Additionally, students are now making critical contributions to our systems’ backend, particularly in building a robust and secure authentication system. The frontend aspect of our fraud solutions also saw significant enhancements, thanks to valuable student work, making our systems not only powerful but also user-friendly. Each of these projects exemplifies the real-world impact and learning opportunities we offer at Utel.


Daniel Sandøy

From frontend wizardry in our new fraud solution to pioneering backend development for our authentication system, Daniel's journey from intern last fall to innovator this spring for his Bachelor thesis is nothing short of inspiring.

3rd year, Software Engineer BSc

Vegard Dale

Redefining our CDR enrichment process during his internship, Vegard now applies his expertise to refine our fraud model. His part-time job with us during his Master thesis is a testament to our commitment to student growth.

2nd year, AI and IoT MSc


Vegard Jacobsen

Collaborating with Daniel on the backend of our authentication system, Vegard is crafting his Bachelor thesis with us, merging academia and industry seamlessly.

3rd year, Software Engineer BSc

At Utel, we're constantly impressed by the practical skills and fresh perspectives our students bring to our products

Rune Kalleberg, Senior ML Engineer


Utel: Where People Come First

At Utel, our 'learning-first' philosophy is at the core of everything we do. Your growth and ideas are what drive us forward. Here, you're not just contributing to projects; you're gaining real skills and experiences that shape you into a well-rounded tech professional.

Dive into challenging projects, gain invaluable experience, and pave your own path in the tech world. Send me an e-mail today to explore potential projects and job opportunities.

- Harald Nordgård-Hansen, CTO

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