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Take monitoring into the field with rich protocol decode

Utel Monitor is a native Windows application that can be connected directly to a local NIC to receive live feeds. PCAP files can also be imported for offline review. It decodes core protocols such as 5G NAS, XNAP, MGAP, MM, Diameter, SIP, SS7 and more, with message display provided in English, including all content and parameters.

Designed for field deployments on laptops, or for use in lab conditions, it enables ad hoc monitoring and troubleshooting for engineers, supporting debugging and problem resolution.

Utel Monitor also supports Open RAN monitoring, enabling operators to accelerate the deployment of new RAN solutions and network extensions for 5G and 4G coverage. No probes are required to benefit from Utel Monitor.

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Monitoring and decode for CALEA and Lawful Intercept

Utel Lawful Intercept Analyser provides monitoring capabilities to validate, verify and troubleshoot Lawful Interception procedures and information. It decodes IRI files with signalling data transferred via the standard HI2 interface, as well as signalling from CC files sent over HI3.

Covering the key interfaces between operators and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), Utel LI Analyser enables agencies to decode data files received and to ensure continuous quality assurance, and operators to ensure compliance with mandatory procedures.

Utel Lawful Intercept Analyser provides a handy tool to support and assure LI solutions, providing the additional reassurance that services function according to the regulations in place.

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Data mediation and decode for data analysis programmes

Utel Decoder provides full protocol decode for PCAP files and converts them to JSON format. The resulting JSON files provide a rich source of data for big data analysis programmes and BI tools.

By standardising data from different signalling interfaces into a common format, Utel Decoder provides a standalone tool that can easily be adopted by operators, converting data from multiple interfaces and formats for further analysis, exploration, and processing.

With a simple command line interface, Utel Decoder delivers rich fuel for your data lakes and warehouses, bringing network signalling into your processes.

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