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About us

Real-time insights from your telecom networks helps you
unlock hidden value in your data and to fight fraud.
Big data is amazing – if you can find it! With Utel, you can.
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Empowering quality in telecom networks

Network performance, security and quality are key to your business and can affect brand loyalty, revenue, and competitive advantage.

Our highly scalable network monitoring, analytics and assurance solutions enable data acquisition from multiple network interfaces, capturing real-time data to provide valuable insight into network performance.

Why choose us?

  • Decades of proven experience

    Originally, a spinout from Telenor, we have decades of proven experience and are a well-known solution provider in the telecoms industry.

  • Long term partnerships

    We are a trusted, agile provider and competency hub that builds long-term relationships with our customers, sharing our knowledge with them.

  • Run by experts

    We’re led by experts, with deep industry experience, who understand your business, your customers, and the challenges you face.

  • Cost effective

    Our solutions are suitable for any operator – from the smallest to the largest – with low cost of acquisition and ownership.

  • Talk to developers, not helpdesk

    Our team is available to help throughout the lifecycle of all engagements, providing continuity and consistency of service.

  • Selling point

    Our solutions give you the data, insight and analytics you need to assure network quality, understand performance and run more efficient operations.


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Frode Gorseth, CEO

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Tommy Lindhagen, Sales & Marketing Manager

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Harald Nordgård-Hansen, CTO

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Since April 2021, Utel has been owned by Alytic, which is fully owned by Arendals Fossekompani (AFK) a green-tech industrial investment company with substantial financial capacity and decades of successful value creation. Founded in 1896 and with more than 2000 employees, across 27 countries, AFK offers long-term investment in our data-driven vision – providing a secure foundation for our global customer base.

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