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Real-time fraud detection and prevention in voice and mobile networks

Identify fraud, remove fraudulent traffic, and meet regulatory compliance.
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Protect your customers

Utel’s fraud detection and prevention solution defends your network from rogue traffic, protecting your customers and saving you costs, giving rapid ROI.

Fraudulent traffic is often identified by a high volume of calls coming from number series that show specific characteristics, including:

  • Known fraudulent number series
  • Terminating in known fraudulent number series
  • Number series marked as unassigned
  • Premium-rate numbers
  • Roaming numbers

Identifying fraud

  • Wangiri calls

    End users are enticed into calling fraudulent premium-rate numbers.

  • Machine-generated calls

    Machine-generated calls that look for vulnerable phone systems.

  • Hacked PBX systems

    Re-routing of phone calls or mass-calling of premium-rate numbers.

  • Non-roaming traffic

    The calling number is in the same country as the called number.

  • Silent calls

    Identify silent calls caused by misconfiguration, routing errors or incomplete firewall setups.

  • SMS fraud

    Protect mobile customers from SMS spam and fraudulent campaigns.

Utel Analytics is Telenor’s tool of choice to protect our customers against Wangiri and scam calls.
Endre Syvertsen, Snr Product Manager, Fraud Solutions, Telenor
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Identify and stop fraudulent traffic

The Utel Fraud Detection Solution enables carriers to reduce call fraud, quickly remove fraudulent traffic from the network, and comply with regulations aimed at combatting fraud. It provides complete visibility into fraudulent traffic on your network and enables you to build internal procedures to combat fraud and prevent future attacks.

Network-deployed probes monitor and identify calls that match fraudulent traffic profiles in near real-time. When suspicious traffic is identified, user defined KPI thresholds enable action to be taken. Early detection saves costs and protects customers.

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Reduce fraud management costs

Reduce fraud management costs by up to 90% through efficient anti-fraud monitoring and operations. Avoid billing disputes with partners using stored data and analytics. Protect your customers and protect your revenue, with proactive fraud prevention.

Automated identification and alert generation identify fraudulent traffic profiles in near real-time, enabling rapid termination of suspicious number ranges across the network. Rich reporting provides clear audit trails and insights to strengthen network defences.

  • Reduce risk and protect revenue
  • Rapid, proven ROI
  • Safeguard against known and unknown threats
  • Boost reputation and assure network partners
  • Protect residential and mobile users from harm

Utel real-time fraud detection

  • Reduce call fraud

    Instantly identify fraudulent traffic. Block suspicious numbers and reduce customer fraud.

  • Remove fraudulent traffic, fast

    Fraudulent calling schemes can be short-lived. React quickly and block number ranges while they are still in use.

  • Regulatory compliance

    Respond to compliance audits and meet regulatory obligations to combat fraud.

  • Analyse and identify threat patterns

    Reports to help you understand threats and protect against future attacks.

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