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Open RAN: new demands for fronthaul

Interoperability between vendors over defined interfaces has become critical as Open RAN transforms network infrastructures.
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Extended oversight and control

Open RAN is transforming the Radio Access Network, disaggregating hardware and software. This places greater demands on oversight and control so operators must find ways to assure network performance by monitoring of

  • O-RAN central unit (O-CU)
  • O-RAN distributed unit (O-DU)
  • Open Fronthaul (E1)
  • eCPRI, Xn, PFCP, NG and more
  • Mobile (2G/3G/4G/5G), IoT, TDM Networks

Minimise network errors, optimise network performance

  • Monitor all network devices

    Including an Open RAN eCPRI to oversee and validate connections between RRUs and BBUs from different vendors so that performance can be assured.

  • Gain visibility in network performance

    Data acquisition from multiple telecom network interfaces delivering continuous monitoring with the scalability to meet the requirements of any network.

  • Automate network change

    Configuration management for 5G with oversight of the X2 interface between two eNodeBs for 5G New Radio (NR)m, critical to support intra-LTE active mode mobility.

  • Analyse and troubleshoot

    Counteract element performance Issues by connecting the domain between the radio and the baseband unit –fronthaul- to meet QoE and latency performance requirements.

  • Manage multi-vendor environments

    Handle new fronthaul and Open RAN networks where interoperability between different vendors over defined interfaces is required, supporting supply chain diversification.

  • Meet the demands of increasing latency

    New fronthaul requirements place heavy demands on QoS and latency driven by 5G network evolution. Managing these must be a priority.

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Network Insights pave the way for fronthaul success

Overcome the multi-vendor infrastructure challenges that are driving the rapidly changing fronthaul landscape, with Utel. Our Open RAN network performance monitoring solution is critical for minimising network-related errors, and optimising performance.

Driven by remote network coverage goals (as well as the growing deployment of small cells and private networks), Open RAN is growing rapidly. Access to network insights is a critical requirement for validating interoperability with legacy system, and for troubleshooting – pre-deployment and in-service.

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Seamless communication in a landscape of changing network interfaces

For operators using different vendors to supply core components in an Open RAN environment, Utel ensures that products and solutions from multiple vendors can communicate with each other.

This includes monitoring and validating the eCPRI as well as overseeing the various components involved in any deployment, allowing you to analyse and decode fronthaul protocols including:

  • O-RAN radio unit (O-RU)
  • O-RAN distributed unit (O-DU)
  • RNIB
  • eCPRI interfaces
  • eMBMS, MCx, network slicing components

Get in position to meet changing fronthaul requirements

  • Manage Open RAN fronthaul

    Connect the evolving domain between the radio and the baseband unit to meet changing performance requirements – particularly those related to QoS and latency.

  • Expand oversight and control

    Access the increased oversight and control that Open RAN technology requires to assure network performance through live monitoring.

  • End vendor lock in and proprietary interfaces

    Easily extend to new interfaces and protocols, removing the limitations of being locked in to specific suppliers and pricing models.

  • Enable interoperability

    Disaggregate the radio from the base units by enabling interoperability between multiple components to overcome the long-standing operational limitations of legacy RAN.

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