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Assuring VoLTE – meeting the challenge

With 3G sunset approaching, there’s more need than ever to deploy VoLTE and VoLTE roaming – network monitoring helps you meet the challenge.
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The legacy network is disappearing

Over half of all mobile subscriptions have now migrated to VoLTE and as 2G and 3G networks are decommissioned, the pace of change is increasing. For MNOs, VoLTE, with its IMS foundation, opens the potential of new services as well as improving the quality of existing ones, like voice. The benefits of VoLTE include:

  • A globally interoperable service
  • IMS telephony can be used for more than voice
  • IMS assets can be used for industry real-time communication
  • Innovative use cases without the need to standardise
  • Easier development within WebRTC framework

But as with any shift in network generation, VoLTE presents challenges.

Monitoring is key to successfully managing the LTE network

  • Troubleshooting

    Service providers must have access to solutions that provide end-to-end correlation of the control and user planes with visibility from device-to-content.

  • Performance management

    VoLTE requires measuring network performance to assure service delivery as well as to support both Quality of Service and Quality of Experience metrics.

  • Customer engagement

    Operators must be able to track and respond to customer behaviours on the network to drive future service evolution. Understand how users interact with your VoLTE service.

  • Operational visibility

    Real-time visibility into both the signalling and media quality is necessary to enable service providers to take early action on any network performance issues.

  • Service delivery

    Insight into Wi-Fi access performance metrics such as authentication, connection time, throughput, and latency are required to reduce outages and assure service delivery.

  • IoT readiness

    Many IoT solutions have voice (eCalling in Automobiles is one example). VoLTE is the solution for these deployments – deliver VoLTE and capture new service revenue.

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Answering the VoLTE challenge

Utel supports all protocols and interfaces required to collect and manage core data required to optimise VoLTE network performance. Users can automatically analyse, and tag data conveyed in signalling messages, IP addresses, Point Codes and more.

Utel’s virtual probes collect data that can also be used for troubleshooting, in real-time if required. Probes sit on the S8 and/or S5 interfaces, extracting SIP signalling from other user plane data.

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Deploy monitoring to reap the benefits of VoLTE

VoLTE provides an easy-to-use and high-quality experience for the customer. In addition, Wi-Fi calling is natively supported which confers additional advantages. But troubleshooting dependent on the collection of network data from a variety of elements, when necessary, in real time, is critical to ensuring that all the benefits are fully realised.

Utel’s probe-based VoLTE monitoring solution collects and aggregates the data required for ad hoc troubleshooting, ensuring that the service providers can:

  • Enable and target new use cases across multiple devices and access points
  • Ensure Consistency for your customers and VoLTE roamers
  • Improve fraud detection mechanisms thereby increasing subscriber satisfaction
  • Leverage and manage video calling on a global basis
  • Adopt VoLTE Roaming easily, via an architecture that largely mirrors legacy roaming

Easily enable the shift to VoLTE and VoLTE roaming

  • Deliver VoLTE and enhance services

    Utel helps you deliver VoLTE and sustain performance for this foundational service, giving you the tools you need for operational assurance.

  • Protect user experience

    S8 home roaming assures an identical experience to the home network – Utel monitoring solutions help you meet expectations.

  • Better roaming experiences

    Ensure optimised performance for visitors to your network and keep them there, to benefit from enhanced roaming revenue.

  • Market advantage for first movers

    Become the destination of choice for inbound roamers differentiate your network on quality. Fast movers have an opportunity to capture key ground.

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