Fraud prevention – a product perspective

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Find out how to prevent telecoms fraud with experts from Utel in our new webinar – 1400 CET on 22nd June, 2022 in just 30 minutes!

Voice fraud is a major – and growing problem for our industry. It costs billions of dollars in losses each year – and can seriously damage reputations. Your customers need you to act.

In this new webinar, we will share our experience in helping Telenor Global Services to block almost 300 million fraudulent call attempts – in a single year – saving more than $30 million.

We will show how you can deploy a solution that is proven, at scale, and with leading operators, to drive your fraud reduction and revenue protection programmes. And, we’ll introduce you to our proven solution for preventing fraud and stopping losses.

Join our experts while we share insights and report on Telenor’s approach – and how you can replicate this success in your network and for your customers. We know how valuable your time is, so we’re sharing all you need to know – in just 30 minutes.

So, sign up, grab a coffee – and sit back, while we tell you how we’ve helped save millions of dollars, prevented hundreds of millions of attacks, and how we can help any operator do the same.

Attendees will understand how to mitigate the threat of fraud and to protect against financial and reputational damage – and explore our proven, mature solution, that can easily be deployed, and which delivers extremely rapid ROI – enabling them to emulate the success of Telenor GS for their business.

As a trusted provider and partner, Utel is able to help you focus on the threat of fraud, protect against it, and reap the benefits. So, register today to help our industry prevent fraud, reduce losses – and protect customers.

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