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Utel Capture: telecoms network monitoring to sniff out the invisible

Superior telecoms network monitoring and performance management
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Virtual probes for telecoms network monitoring

Network performance and quality is key to your business and can affect brand loyalty, revenue, and competitive advantage.

Utel Capture is a complete telecoms network monitoring platform based on virtual (or physical probes for legacy interfaces) that enables data acquisition from control and user planes. It captures real-time data to provide valuable insights into network performance.

Utel Capture is the foundation of real-time network assurance, providing the vital data you need to assure quality, understand performance across multiple domains, enhance operations, identify and resolve faults, meet SLAs and protect against threats.

“We’ve partnered with Utel for many years – and the insights we obtain from their network monitoring solutions help us assure key services for customers across different segments, including key accounts. The stability of the solution has been outstanding, giving us the uptime to ensure all SLAs can be monitored efficiently and effectively.”
Devi Raju, Oss Operations Manager, Converged Assurance, Technology Operations, Vodafone
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Highly scalable data capture & real-time insight

Gain continuous, real-time visibility into all your network domains with Utel Capture, including mobile (2G to 5G), IoT, TDM networks, as well as RTP capture for voice-quality analysis.

Enables real-time streaming to third-party solutions, such as your data lake and warehouse, for offline and online exploration and processing.

Distributed telecoms monitoring probes, across multiple domains

  • Comprehensive network data capture

    Easy to deploy virtual network monitoring probes for all networks – mobile (5G and Open RAN/4G/3G/2G), IoT, VoIP and legacy.

  • User data capture

    Capture and monitor end-user QoE for VoIP calls with RTP capture. Receive alerts when performance drops and resolve issues before they impact the end customer.

  • Always-on monitoring

    Capture valuable network performance and QoS data across all network domains on a 24/7/365 basis for all-round, comprehensive visibility into your network.

  • Highly scalable

    Our solution grows with your business, capturing every transaction, supporting your current and future operations. Covers a growing range of interfaces.

  • On-premise or virtualised

    Deploy in the cloud, as virtual probes in your network or with physical units for legacy interfaces, depending on your network and requirements.

  • Flexible licensing models

    Transaction-based licensing models to suit your business and provide cost-effective deployment options, delivered as a service.

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Utel Capture capabilities

Covering all network domains

Collect and store data from billions of events every day, with a virtualised monitoring solution to provide full support for all protocol stacks.

Multiple Ethernet and TDM interfaces

Supporting all interfaces, Utel Capture monitors in real-time and stores all raw network data, enabling effective error tracking and network planning.

Real-time streaming

Real-time streaming to third-party solutions means that Utel Capture is easy to integrate into existing operations and systems.

Full visibility of your network

End-to-end data capture across all domains and layers, giving you a complete picture of your network and services.

Data for insights and operations

Utel Capture brings together real-time data for processing, analysis and to support your big data programmes, efficiently and cost-effectively.

“Our relationship with Utel started over a decade ago. Utel has consistently delivered over and above our expectations. Their high technical competence makes them a valued and trusted partner, and their customer service is unsurpassed.”
Per Lorentsen, CTO, Telenor Global Services

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