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Utel Analytics: big data analysis for telecoms

Powerful visualisation for online and offline review.
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Rich dashboards and finger-tip control

Utel Analytics is a powerful business analytics suite that provides intuitive dashboards, enabling a host of valuable use cases. The data – delivered by captured by Utel Capture – is processed, structured, and presented in a simple, clear manner to provide deep visibility into network performance.

It presents network statistics and KPIs via interactive and configurable dashboards to provide an easily accessible and a fully flexible solution to meet the challenges of big data analysis. Dashboards can be tuned to meet the needs of different user groups to provide meaningful information.

Utel Analytics helps you to enrich customer experience by proactively diagnosing network issues and optimising performance, promoting brand loyalty, and helping to grow market share and protect revenue. The interactive dashboards offer an immediate overview into your network’s health across large multi-technology networks.

“Utel has developed a fraud detection tool combining information from the Utel Capture platform with information on known potential misused ranges. This tool has given Telenor a possibility to early detect inbound Wangiri and scam calls towards all our customers. Telenor is now able to identify both call attempts and completed calls towards potential fraud ranges. As a result, Telenor customers are better protected against scammers.”
Endre Syvertsen, Sr. Product Manager – Fraud Solutions, Telenor Global Services
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Inform your business

Analytics gives you the insights you need to make fact-based business decisions – unlocking big data analysis for your telecoms network. By providing preconfigured and enabling custom analysis, it simplifies data management and helps you focus on what matters.

It is complemented by solution packages that help you combat fraud, enhance network quality and more, solving key challenges – as well as the introduction of new technology and investments. Optimised for any kind of network, it provides a cost-effective, feature-rich solution to drive continuous enhancement programmes.

Big data is amazing! But you need to visualise it first

  • Big data analysis. Drill it. Dice it. Slice it.

    Utel Analytics helps you visualise big data with intuitive dashboards to enable greater insight and smarter business decisions. It offers rich reporting functionality, so you can track KPIs and performance and detect issues to allow resolution before customers are affected.

  • Network and Business KPIs

    Utel Analytics processes and structures billions of calls and transactions, to help you make key business decisions, faster, for a wide range of use cases. It enables you to deliver SLAs and provides insights to optimise your business and plan for efficient, profitable growth.

  • Fraud/Wangiri Reporting

    Easily identify number series to block across the network, including Wangiri calls – where end users are enticed into calling fraudulent premium-rate numbers – robocall scams and hijacked traffic.

  • VoIP call quality

    Utel Analytics presents key metrics related to VoIP calls through intuitive dashboards – such as MOS, R-factor, packet loss, jitter and delay – ensuring you can track quality and detect any issue before it impacts customers.

  • Mobile Roaming

    Support efficient operation of roaming services and track KPIs to manage performance and share insights with partners for 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G.

  • 5G Fronthaul

    Secure insights from 5G fronthaul services as you build out coverage and introduce new services, meeting new SLAs and delivering outstanding customer experience.

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Utel Analytics capabilities

Powerful and interactive dashboards

Utel Analytics enables a range of dashboards to meet your specific needs. Dashboards can easily be designed according to user group to reveal the most meaningful information – for example, engineers, account managers, destination managers, OMC or NOC.

Big data analytics and visualisation

Utel Analytics offers intuitive visualisation and analysis of large volumes of data, presented in grids, charts and graphs to provide deep visibility into network performance and parameters. View on the screen of your computer, tablet or mobile for instant insights.

Export to Excel and PDF

Export visualised data to 3rd party applications such as Excel and PDF, ready to share with others or import into other business tools.

Deliver insights to your teams

Spread big data analysis throughout your organisation by sharing insights, delivering reports and tracking business KPIs, empowering your teams.

Integration with Capture or 3rd party solutions

Utel Analytics can easily integrate with Utel’s state-of-the-art monitoring system and probes, as well as with 3rd party solutions to ensure compatibility with existing systems.

“As a partner, you are responsive – capable of adapting rapidly to urgent operational needs, as well as adapt your generic features roadmap to our priorities. Moreover you are open to customise features tailored to our specific needs, thereby aligning your solutions to our set-up. Easy to work with, and we all benefit from our relationship.”
Martin Nord, CTO, Com4

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